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improved spelling

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Test read/write of files via the templating api:

this will fail because we currently introduce an extra newline in the content

Cover additional api

Increase proc coverage

Increase proc coverage

Increase proc coverage, add more interesting values to the test

Test other trivial wrappers

Increase proc coverage

Replace ad_tmpnam with new tmpfile api, cleanup temporary files

Make use of new API "ad_mktmpdir" and "ad_opentmpfile" instead of "ad_tmpnam"

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Rset, rather than count, existing handlers in the test

Make so that the path where the file is stored is returned by the request, in a way that should be correct on MacOS where the temp folder is user specific and cannot be therefore assumed to be /tmp for everyone

improve log message

show that test fails under macOS

Fix acs-templating templates_and_scripts test, the multirow is called "body_script" with no s

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Centralize retrieval of the test URL

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Claim additional coverage

Count already exisring handlers before introducing new ones

Improve acs::test::form_reply so that when the attributes of a file upload (*.tmpfile or *.content-type) are part of the update argument, it will switch automatically to a multipart request and implement a "real" file upload

This is important on newer NaviServer versions that will reject any *.tmpfile parameter in a request that was not produced internally after a file upload

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Test also nonce rendering

Make test more precise

Test a bunch more api

Test template::adp_level, fix test coverage declaration

Test template::adp_parse_string

Increase proc coverage

State additional proc coverage, improve documentation

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Test ad_return_template

Test ad_return_exception_template

file acs-integration-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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Test ad_dimensional_sql