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Reimplement portrait retrieval around the user_portrait relationship, as procs such as merge::MergeUserInfo do not assume a certain name format on the cr_item

improve spelling

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Remove duplicate column

get proper default authority

improve spelling

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Cache the portrait in the right cache (Thanks to Felix Mödritscher)

Fix typos

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Don't be so quick on deprecating a common interface

Deprecate 'person::update_bio' in favor of 'person::update'

Deprecate 'person::name_flush', unnecessary and used nowhere...

Deprecate 'acs_user::get_element' in favor of 'acs_user::get'

Put get_by_username in the proper cache, handle cases when we delete a user that was not in the cache (in this case we could not retrieve authority and username after deletion)

Fix typo

Unify person update api, exploit cache better and remove unneded queries

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No need to check as now person::name won't fail

Fix expression

Parties api had procs defined in both acs-subsite and acs-tcl and sometimes duplicated

- move all party:: api into acs-tcl/tcl/community-core-procs

- remove duplicated definitions

- move leftover deprecated proc to deprecated-procs.tcl

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Second revision of the party/person/user api

- split api into 3 caches for party/person/user

- new *_info procs for the specific object type: stresses only specific cache and is therefore faster when only specific info is needed

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Don't be so quick on deprecating a common interface

Draft reform of the caching for party descendant types (persons, users, groups)

- new proc party::get to centralize caching of the various information for a party descendant scattered through tables

- allow to retrieve only a single value from the dict in new and existing api

- rename of user_info_cache with party_info_cache

- replacement into previously existing api

Behavior for the new proc now will be to not fail, just return an empty dict or an empty value when no party is found

TODO: after review of the change, replacement of all now deprecated calls in code around

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Fix typo

Whitespace cleanup

Employ new user cache also for portrait information

Don't cache invalid user ids, as they might become valid shortly after (e.g. during registration)

Remove unneded dict creation

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Modernize idiom

Restore previous behavior: when a person is not found by email, just return empty string instead of an error

Reduce code duplication when retrieving person info

TODO centralize caching

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provide compatibility with AOLserver

make timeout cnd cache size configurable

follow usual naming conventions

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