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improve Oracle compatibility

more beautification of admin pages, make interface more consistent

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Improve performances of the applications list

Whitespace cleanup

Make use of uniform styling based on adp:icon

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whitespace changes

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fix error, when application is added

Safety belt so users cannot change URL of the main subsite from the UI

Replace ad_decode idioms

Replace ad_decode idiom

fix for bug #3375: set fully qualified url for instance_name

change queries on site-node tree from tree_sortkey to recursive queries

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Use consistently ad_script_abort after ad_return_error.

Break long lines

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add ad_script_abort after ad_returnredirect to make termination intent explicit

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merged changes from the oacs-5-9 branch and resolved conflicts

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Remove Oracle incompatible code (as pointed out by regression tests)

Use localized text for search placeholder

Make filter simpler with just one field and more suitable to a responsive design (thanks to Günter Ernst)

Add filters for applications list so it is easily possible to reach permission and parameters page also on sites with many mounted applications.

- make boolean tests in .adp files more uniform

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- prefer "localurl" over "return_url" of name of page filter

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- improve checking of return_urls in page_contracts

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- prefer passing &doc as property over doc(title) alone

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- fix broken oracle.xql file

- add editor hints to keep spaces/tabs in the furture more consistent

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- simplify (and correct) subsite node determination

- don't cache pages (might be wrong)

- fix potential crash on large sites: /admin/applications/ presented all site-nodes / applications on a single page (single multirow presented as list). On pages with e.g. more than 1mio entries, that lead tcl objs > 2GB and a fatal error. Therefore, pagination with a reasonably large pagesize was added.

- remove globals for errorInfo and use namespace qualifiers instead

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- standardize argument passing to adp-includes, don't perform double i18n and double quoting

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- fix and standardize quoting in template properties

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