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bumped version numbers to 5.10.1b1

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regenerated documentation

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State new dependencies

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Allow dt_get_info to return its results as a dict or a simple value, without settings a ton of variable in the caller scope that are difficult to track

Deprecate leftover api

Deprecate all remaining dt_widget_* api

The rationale is that modern HTML5 provides already consistent and localized UI elements for date and time input. It is also difficult to style a widget that comes pre-baked by the api. One should either use acs-templating or xowiki feature to generate UIs, or modern HTML5 is in most cases sufficient.

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Deprecate dt_widget_calendar_year

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Cleanup dt_widget_calendar_navigation documentation

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Deprecate dt_widget_calendar_navigation

Test dt_no_time_p

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dt_ansi_to_list already trims the zeros, no need to create an ns_set, not need to upvar everything twice just to have the variables in our scope

Test dt_get_info, fix documentation according to long standing behavior

Rework api to avoid extra checks

Reimplement conversion to and from Julian dates using modern Tcl api

Improve ns_set idiom

fix release dates in .info files

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release work

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regenerated documentation

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bump version numbers of 5.9|5.10 packages to 5.10.0b1

adjust dependencies

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Add minimal test case for 'dt_midnight_p'

make "dt_get_info" public since it is used from other packages

Use naviserver api to parse URL variables

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Reinstate apis as public, as they hold the current definition of an all-day event

make listing of tested procs more complete

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Trim month numbers on 'dt_prev_month_name' and 'dt_next_month_name' to avoid octal misinterpretation. Fixes 'dt_localized_procs' testcase

Fix discrepancies between proc doc and implementation

Add 'dt_localized_procs' testcase, for 'acs-datetime' procs that return localized results: 'dt_month_names', 'dt_month_abbrev', 'dt_ansi_to_pretty', 'dt_prev_month_name' and 'dt_next_month_name'

Add testcase for 'dt_first_day_of_month'

Add testcase for 'dt_interval_check'

Trim month numbers on 'dt_prev_month' and 'dt_next_month' to avoid octal misinterpretation. Fixes 'dt_prev_next_month' testcase