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Disable tests to check for executables on the system

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Prefer binary from parameter as everywhere else

Test external command line dependencies

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fix incorrect names in .xql files

Fixed missing update_content-lob.set_content

Added missing set_content SQL statement for updating revisions stored in LOBs.

This statement was already missing in the release of OpenACS 5.10.0.

LOBs are for PostgreSQL somewhat depreacted and these are just there for

legacy applications.

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improve spelling

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Replaced "ns_mktemp" by "ad_tmpnam" to ease code maintenance

The underlying C library API for "ns_mktemp" is deprecated

for security reasons, we will have to do something about it.

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Deprecate content::revision::update_attribute_index

Deprecate template::util::array_to_vars and template::util::vars_to_array: their functionality can be easily inlined by using the array command

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Properly escape "<" and ">" in api-doc documentation.

Since all documentation is rendered via HTML, the characters

"<" and ">" have to be HTML-quoted, otherwise strange things

(omission, unintended renderings) might occur.

E.g. the sentence

Define an interface between a page and an

ADP <include> similar to the page_contract.

was rendered as

Define an interface between a page and an

ADP similar to the page_contract.

which is incorrect.

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Use security::csp::add_static_resource_header

bump version number of acs-content-repository to 5.10.1d4

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improve wording

Test content::item::copy

Deprecate template::util::tcl_to_sql_list, completely replaced by ns_dbquotelist, a native NaviServer command

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Mark api as tested

Test content::item::content_is_null public api, which has immediately found a typo

Streamline idioms

Uniform documentation style

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Get rid of trivial private api publish::set_to_pairs

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Streamline ns_set idiom

improve spelling

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Fix typo, write a basic test for the involved api

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whitespace changes

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Fixed var name and add warning for 'cr_file_name' being empty (the latter ported from downstream, originally made by Günter Ernst)

new function: ::content::revision::export_to_filesystem

This change moves functionality from file-storage to acs-content-repository.

all application packages should be free of internals, such as the storage

type. Storage_type should be handeled in the content-repository package.

We are not yet done, there is still more to do in this respect in

the file-storage package.

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extend regression test

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extend regression test

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mark unused "content::item::get_context" deprecated, since it should be called on "acs_object"

extend regression test

remove leftover from ancient times (set it -deprecated and -private)