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Made "ad_find_all_files" more robust when some subdirectory has too restrictive permissions

Previously, on some OS, Tcl's "glob" command was returning file names,

also, when the permissions should not allow it (macOS), while one

other systems, it raised an error (Linux). The problem is that

"ad_find_all_files" raises an error during startup, not all files are

found, and e.g. some of the files (like e.g. .xql) are not picked up,

... and as a consequence, strange things happen.

With this change, loading is more robust. Now, warnings are issued instead of exceptions.

Make so that -all also overrides the database type check, which appears to have been the expected behavior: in fact, this api was used to retrieve the files to extract in the tarball generation

Test that "apm_get_package_files -all" should return all files for a package

This currently fails, as "-all" does not override the dbms check, so e.g. on a Postgres installation, all Oracle xql files would be skipped.

Note that the test uses acs-tcl as target because it is a package that is only supposed to contain "package-relevant" files. This is not a rule and is not the case in other packages such as acs-automated-testing, which creates many files during its operations that do not belong to the source tree.

improve spelling

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file 30-apm-load-procs-oracle.xql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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file 30-apm-load-procs.xql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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file 30-apm-load-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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file 30-apm-load-procs-postgresql.xql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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Complete proc coverage for the package

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fix bug, when Tcl's file command uses uplevel

This change fixes a bug whem "ad_file tmpfile filename ..." is used.

The output variable "filename" was created on the wrong calling level.

remove constant from deprecated message

Configure nsf to keep init commands much earlier, so that we don't lose doc for nsf classes defined before xotcl-core is loaded

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Properly escape "<" and ">" in api-doc documentation.

Since all documentation is rendered via HTML, the characters

"<" and ">" have to be HTML-quoted, otherwise strange things

(omission, unintended renderings) might occur.

E.g. the sentence

Define an interface between a page and an

ADP <include> similar to the page_contract.

was rendered as

Define an interface between a page and an

ADP similar to the page_contract.

which is incorrect.

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new proc "ad_log_deprecated": unified interface for logging deprecated usages

The existing code used a larger variety of different messages to

denote invocations of deprecated procs and other

artifacts. "ad_log_deprecated" provides a unified interface, and

provides a usage hint what to use instead based on the API-doc

definitions in the log-file.

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Add @see to deprecated procs

Deprecate ad_apply, made obsolete in modern Tcl by the expansion operator "{*}"

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Whitespace cleanup

Streamline ns_set idioms

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improve spelling

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Document behavior

Whitespace cleanup

passing "-debug" flag explicitly to nsf::proc

improve comments

improve spelling

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reduce the number of locks (nsv-accesses) for OACS_FULLQUERIES by a factor of 3 when NaviServer is used.

OACS_FULLQUERIES is one of the 3 most intensively locked nsv arrays for

busy implementation

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improve test coverage

reduce visibility of internal functions

move function db_current_rdbms to acs-bootstrap installer to improve code locality

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Cleanup of low-level DB-interace: use dict instead of list with fixed positions

VS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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Added support for trailing non-positional arguments

The change makes the old hack with the own trailing-argument-parser

"ad_arg_parser" obsolete by using directly the c-level argument parser

which is anyhow capable of handling trailing arguments. A few changes

were necessary for api doc to handle there trailing arguments as well.

The proc "db_string" is already converted to use native arguments.

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