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Add explicit level to uplevel occurrences

improve spelling

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make spelling more consistent

- support var args for "aa_log_result" like for "ns_log" and "ad_log"

- make form parsing via xpath more robust

(don't assume, every INPUT has a name, allthough it should)

removed further "global" statments

Reduced number of "global" statements (which are often not used and probably leftovers from ancient times)

Comment command that won't be defined in upstream codebase

fix broken test category handling

previously, the exclusion categories were provided as categories, but the "real" categories could not be selected. An in case they were selected via query-parameter, filtering was broken.

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delete modifying user info in acs_objects such that test user can be deleted as well

extend web testing by adding a call to fined a link via link label

previously, we just could follow a link based on a link label

Make '::acs::test::login' public, as it is used in other packages. Fixes 'callgraph__bad_library_calls' test case

bug fix: do not swallow errors in "aa_run_with_teardown" when -rollback s activated

fix typo

adjust luminosity calculation to the 2020 standard for UHDTV and HDR

compute for and background colors from percentage to guarantee good contrast

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whitespace changes

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remove debug code

added new test cases for testing page contract filters

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simplify and modernize Tcl code

improve navigation structure (context bar) and actions labeling

the reousrce actions is not necessary, since rerun performs an automatic resources

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use fine-grade percentage to color mapping

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- Rework acs-api-browser.callgraph__bad_calls automated test so that acs-service-contract calling contract implementation is considered OK

- Reinstate authentication service contracts as private

- Move test authority implementation to acs-authentication to remove intra-package dependency

acs-api-browser.callgraph__bad_call still fails because proc acs-tcl.install::xml::action::create-user calls private acs-authentication.auth::local::registration::Register... to be continued

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mark functions called only internally as private

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mark in log-file begin and end of test cases, support multiple msg arguments in aa_log (similar to ns_log)

reduce verbosity

improve listing of test coverage

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make listing of tested procs more complete

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improve spelling

remove objects and class objects and auto-generated code form coverage statistics

Fix proc name