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improve navigation structure (context bar) and actions labeling

the reousrce actions is not necessary, since rerun performs an automatic resources

use fine-grade percentage to color mapping

- Rework acs-api-browser.callgraph__bad_calls automated test so that acs-service-contract calling contract implementation is considered OK

- Reinstate authentication service contracts as private

- Move test authority implementation to acs-authentication to remove intra-package dependency

acs-api-browser.callgraph__bad_call still fails because proc acs-tcl.install::xml::action::create-user calls private acs-authentication.auth::local::registration::Register... to be continued

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mark functions called only internally as private

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mark in log-file begin and end of test cases, support multiple msg arguments in aa_log (similar to ns_log)

reduce verbosity

improve listing of test coverage

    • -5
    • +13
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make listing of tested procs more complete

    • -2
    • +23
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improve spelling

remove objects and class objects and auto-generated code form coverage statistics

Fix proc name

move xowiki::test::get_url_from_location to automated testing

handle updaed query-handling in ns_parseurl

remoe dependency from file-storage tests to xowiki

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Cleanup after each individual test

Cleanup temporary XOTcl objects after test run

Prefer 'namespace which' over 'info commands', as it is faster (on local tests, around 2x) and returns a single value. Many thanks to Nathan Coulter.

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Fix null check

Fix '::acs::test::require_package_instance' query for cases when the site_node exists but no package is mounted

Improve contrast and readability on proc coverage cells

Fix var name

Make 'aa_log_result' return gracely if called outside a test.

improve spelling

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improve wording

Fix '::acs::test::set_user' for cases when 'address' is not an IP, but a hostname. The address, if not provided by the TestURL parameter, is parsed from 'ns_conn location', and in both cases it can be hostname instead of an IP. The 'address' is later compared against 'ns_conn peeraddr' in security proc's 'sec_handler', which is always an IP, preventing login on those cases. To avoid this, we try to resolve the address in advance.

Rename 'Se', the selenium driver, to '::acs::test::selenium::Se', and repack it into an ad_proc, deprecating the former one and adding the comments on the file proc doc.

Remove extra colon

Normalize proc naming during testcase population of the set p [string trimleft ::]

improve debugging messages

improve spelling

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fix documentation

align documentation with implementation