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Small update for cluster support

- Improved visualization of cluster nodes that we lost contact to

- New kernel parameters to reduce hard-coded values and to make purpose more explicit

* new parameter ClusterHeartbeatInterval (default 20s),

was hardcoded before to the new default value

* renamed PreferredLocationRegexp -> ClusterPreferredLocationRegexp

* renamed EnableLoggingP -> ClusterEnableLoggingP

- Bumped version numbers:

* acs-kernel to 5.10.1b3

* acs-tcl to 5.10.1b2

* acs-admin to 5.10.1b2

acs-kernel acs-admin acs-tcl/

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Improve Git repository rebuild

- support tags: CVS tags are exported to the Git mirror and should have the precedence over branches when collecting available channels. Tags are now exported correctly from the Git repos.

- limit exported versions: we can now limit the versions that will be exported and also those that will only be exported via the "compat" channel. This works via a flag to the proc.

- hardcode openacs.org in the documentation link fo the exported repo, as the assumption is that the link will be served from the xowiki instance there

- include a download button, as per the openacs.org version in the extracted repo

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Fix typo

Formatting changes

harden page contracts

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harden page contracts

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skip "-url" in "export_vars -url" since it is the default

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Prefer Naviserver API directly

Whitespace cleanup

Modernize api

improve page contract since passed-in values are used in a list filter

prevent break between icon and label

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file cluster.adp was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

file cluster.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

cluster reform: added admin page and minor updates

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prefer adp:icon over old-style actions in square braces

fix broken HTML

modernized appearance of acs-admin

bumped version to 5.10.1d4

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UI improvements

- fixed link for reloading on apm/version-view page

- added generic icon name "check" (common icon name for checkmark)

- bumped version of acs-templating to 5.10.1d21

- bumped version of acs-admin to 5.10.1d3

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fix img alt text

Deprecate export_entire_form_as_url_vars and replace occurrences, add a new -formvars flag to export vars to implement the behavior of the proc, that is, export a subset of the variables coming from the current request

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Deprecate export_ns_set_vars and extend export_vars to be able to export also a custom ns_set, which was the real added value provided by this api

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Deprecate util_commify_number, replace occurrences and translate automated tests

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Whitespace cleanup

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passing properties consistently with @....;literal@

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passing properties consistently with @....;literal@

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save the state script also after loading the init files

improve wording

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make higher use of ADP template files (reduce tcl-generated HTML code)

Make use of uniform styling based on adp:icon

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