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improve spelling and comma settings

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Delete obsolete test page

Whitespace changes

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Fix typo

Improve test scalability

Use 'ns_log Error' for error logging, instead of 'ns_log Notice: Error...'

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Automated test for merge::MergeUserInfo

Whitespace cleanup

Deprecate apm_shell_wrap

Implement test for apm_parameter_section_slider

Test also that no email is send when not needed

Adapt acs_admin::check_expired_certificates to return whether some expired certificates exist, then use this to test the proc

Reduce divergency between oracle and postgres

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Reduce divergency between oracle and postgres codebase

improve spelling

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provide a default for pass_through option

add comment and sanity check

fix fresh installation of dotlrn by adding a pass-through parameter to member-state-change

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Whitespace changes

Do not assume a package is installed only if it has an entry in the 'apm_package_types' table. This fixes the issue of package upgrade prompting, in not installed packages, that still have an entry in 'apm_package_types'

make clear, that just portrait_title is used

pull out 2 queries from .xql to tcl improve readability

whitespace changes

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Whitespace cleanup

Replace ad_decode idioms

Whitespace cleanup

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Normalize indentation

Replace ad_decode idioms

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Use cached api, bring sql inline, leverage db quoting

Replace ad_decode idioms