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Fix idiom: the value should be null to not be counted

Provide the id directly to the subquery to improve planning and execution, use quicker json idioms to count review outcomes

Make values optional, as the user should supply them via the form

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bugfix: provide proper encoding for text phrases in email addresses

Previously, mails to addresses of the form


where PHRASE contains UTF-8 were sent without the required encoding.

One many systems, this was perfectly fine, but on some, these

where leading to mangled characters. Now, the "to_addr" adresseses

and the "from_addr" address of acs_mail_lite::send_immediately

are properly encoded. Note, that "to_addr" is a list of addresses.

Many thanks to Franz Penz for reporting this.

Prefer the test authority: downstream local authorities may depend on other systems to perform additional checks, which may fail on a test user

Export catalog via the UI to normalize sorting and quoting

Export message keys via the UI to normalize sort order and quoting and reduce downstream conflicts

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more upstream version updates (font-awesome, bootstrap-icons)

font-awesome 6.4.2 (e.g. twitter -> "x" brand icon change)


Bootstrap Icons v1.11.1 (100 new icons, including brand icon "x")

now including new floppy disk icons, additional brand icons, new person icons,

new emojis, some birthday cake, a few new science icons, and .... in total more than 2,000 icons


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upgrade to Bootstreap 5.3.2 (package 5.10.1b3)

improved error handling, when mapped fields are missing

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Reintroduce "short_name" list element in the folder-chunk, used in the list format and not exactly equivalent to "name"

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Provide a Bootstrap-agnostic way to make the iframe "as big as possible"

Make btn CSS BS3 and BS5 aware

Many thanks to Monika Andergassen

Hide other potentially visible components of the template master

Many thanks to Monika Andergassen

fix typo

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fix typos

bugfix for azure content with multibyte characters

This change fixes two bugs:

a) base64decode was used instead of base64urldecode

b) the binary flag is harmful, since this leads to double-encoding

Many thanks to Sebastian Scheder for the fix.

improved support for Bootstrap5 for composite items

Many thanks to Monika Andergassen for the changes

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In case the user used an external_registry for login, we have to allow the redirect to a complete url

move "-destroy_on_cleanup" towards the end of the parameter list

This change improves protection about ambiguous user input

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use CSSclass "form-range" for Bootstrap5

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added support for icanuse "ns_crypto::scrypt"

it looks as if this was lost over time

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add one more sample

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fix typo

Improve fix: if any other click handler would take longer than the timeout (e.g. an alert) don't wait again

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Make sure disabling the button always happens before re-enabling the button and that both happen after all other click handlers have completed

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Checkboxes must be retrieved earlier

Reduce hardcoded styling

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Allow localization of "External Identity Providers"

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Fix for sitebug #150 (security relevant)

The login widget at the navbar contained in its query variable

the password of a user in plain text (e.g. when the user has

mistyped the password, but as well on other error conditions).

Now, the password is filterer in the return_url in such cases.

Many thanks to Khy H for reporting this bug.

For details, see