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Fix date in ancient demo

New test to check that message keys are used consistently with package dependencies

this can only be enforced as a warning because it is possible to have constructs such as "if installed, then use message key" that would be tricky to detect

Improve cmd detection semantics in "tclcode_to_html" to avoid

misintepretations from arguments lists. Make as well explicitly clear

that the results of the private function "api_called_proc_names" is

just based on heuristics, such it can only be used in cases, where

false positives do not matter.

revert change, since it is not clear from the description what it was for

Rename domNode argument to dom_node

tDOM defines a ::domNode command in the global namespace, which might potentially conflict with the argument name. Also, in certain configurations the api-doc machinery will treat the argument as a command usage and try to enforce e.g. the naming convention on it in acs-tcl.naming__proc_naming automated test.

added required argument to calc_grade (many thanks to Markus Moser for noting)

make debug messages more uniform (start always with object and method name)

make log messages more uniform (no need to start with actual proc name)

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Don't try query parameters when resolving standard pages

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make sure to html-quote error message

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Bump version number after spelling changes in message keys

update CKEditor version numbers

An upgrade is highly recommended since the new version contains several security fixes.


Improve spelling

Fixed update script for applications having the view "upgrade-5.10.0-5.10.1d1.sql" not defined.

This view is a legacy view ancient times, which is no included in standard installations

since ages.... It was however defined on openacs.org.


-- Some legacy applications might contain still the VIEW

-- "registered_users_of_package_id", which is defined in


-- acs-subsite/sql/postgresql/user-profiles-create.sql


-- This file is NOT included in new installations since over 20 years,

-- so it is not maintained and treated as a leftover from ancient

-- times. Therefore, the view registered_users_of_package_id is not

-- recreated by this update script.

fix SQL query

break overlong lines and whitespace cleanup

improve robustness when processing legacy questions

reduce cache hits on nsv "::chat::Chat" and on "::chat::Chat-ID-options"

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replace deprecated calls in test

add debugging info to figure out where xo::parameter is used directly in downstream code

make log entries more uniform

modernize code

fix indentation

improve spelling

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Bump version number to 5.10.1d6 to reload message keys

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Use "ns_baseunit", when available for size calculation of parititoned caches

Generalize ::acs::try_cache (such it can be use not only for "...cache eval..."

get rid of pipe-open, when nsproxy exec is available

break overlong lines

modernize code

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improve spelling