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Moved root folder creation to apm after-mount callback. Added UI to

dav enable a file-storage instance. Converted file-add to ad_form and

cr_import_content. fix.sql includes fixes to bugs in acs-kernel and

acs-content-repository. Added update_last_modfiied for the content_item

when a new revision is uploaded so that last modified is displayed


Fixed missing declaration for v_revision_id in image__new_revision.

case fold email and set member_state to approved so the rel insert does not bomb see bug 1108

noquote for context and title

if you are going to allow people to run arbitrary tcl on the server you may as well let them enter whatever tags they want in the text box

hopefully the last problem with -- bug 1086

Adding noquote to fix bug#1070. Thanks to C R Oldham for the patch.

context bar barfed with site node starting with a -

fix more noquote bugs

Removing comma, typo.

- Added missing files.

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- Can't remember what I changed. It's been a month or so since I touched

the package. Promise I'll get back to it.

*** empty log message ***

some noquote fixes, handle names starting in - properly

fixing content_item.rename for bug 1051, references to input parameter

adding -- to all ad_html_to_text calls

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add -- to all string_truncate calls

properly quote forum name for context bar, -- for ad_html_to_text in do_notification

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site node instance names for the context bar should be plain text and so quotehtml

remove MIT specific references on user add page

first draft of code to generate XML document to be used to generate flash map for simulation objects

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bug 515, require dotlrn admin to add a full access user. also cleaned up context bar

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dont ad_quotehtml summary for list bug 1097, unset category array and handle missing name bug 1105

list builder labels couldnt start with a -

use %20 rather than + in patch label (cf bug 1099) fix some quoting problems, order the patch list by summary, add -- where needed

add a -- to ad_html_text_convert, make util_close_html_tags not eat < not part of a tag

Repository now lives on openacs.org

adding edit history page

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Fixed the code to build repository for all relevant versions, include description, summary, etc. in manifest

Added proc to get repository channel from acs-kernel version number