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Remove generic query file. It contained only one db-specific query

Fixed typos.

Added optional name parameter to content_item content_folder content_extlink

content_symlink copy and move pl(pg)sql procedures. Oracle and Postgresql.

use site-nodes cache instead of going to the db

bug 1098 /admin/host-host-map/ didn't display full url (and was not sorted by url either) which made it quite annoying

o notifications fixes have been completed.

o needed fixes in lt_format_time and html-email-procs.

o Oracle bits /should/ work but are untested at this time.

added example install_xml

fix noquote problems, some bad sql (no trunc(current_timestamp)), and a few presentation bugs

o correct in parse_incoming_email

was source (and looking) for wrong filenames. This caused the

procedure to return the entire message.

o updated create/drop scripts

o removed debug statement

o correct param documentation of bounce_mail_message

committing new version 1.2d1 of workflow.info file that should have been committed earlier when description and description_mime_type attributes were added to actions

adding procs workflow::action::fsm::delete and workflow::role::delete. Adding description and description_mime_type attributes to action edit and new procs

Catalog file referred to incorrect variable name. Fixes bug#1087

Fixes misnamed query.

Fixed silly typo. Close bug#1088

fixing a number of broken pages. Making the demo data tclwebtest script work

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Fixed bug with guessing mime types

Added bounce messages for improperly addressed emails and for emails

from unauthorized senders.

Messages follow the qmail-send Bounce Messages Format (QDBMF)


Added a notification_email_hold table to hold possible bounce messages

until they are accepted by the system.

Provide a default locale via ad_conn locale even if not in a connection

Fixed bug 1069, adding two missing attributes to a function call

Accidentally commited a debug log statement

Fixed bug #1090, thanks to Tracy for digging up the root cause

adding two keys lost between version 1.13 and 1.14

changed to not perform the check for embedded variables validity for acs-lang.localization-* keys

Granted commit on openacs-4 to Tracy Adams (tracya)

Added ability to open or close a thread and properly disallow replies on closed threads or any child posts.`

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remove hard-coded package url in register links

changed the \copy commands to use the 7.2 format for psql as it is supported in 7.2 and 7.3

Fixed bug #952: quoting of calendar items

Added a workaround for a bug in Tcl 8.3 on solaris that causes int() to throw an 'integer value too large to represent' error when used on negative decimal numbers