jlaine in OpenACS

Fixed bug #1486: Changed the cut'n'paste link to use absolute path.

Fixed bug #1392: Documented the behaviour of group::member_p

Fixed bug #1299: added noquote to supertypes.name

Fixed bug #1298 and added one missing end parenthesis

Changed phrases with iconic photo to cover photo

Added noquote stuff to the plain form widget to fix #1183

Added a couple of noquotes to fix #1164

Added a couple of noquotes to fix #1164

Added noquote stuff to plain form widget to fix #1183

Took away phrases with 'iconic photo'

Removed .orig catalog file

Fixed bug 1069, adding two missing attributes to a function call

Removed usage of oracle-specific function to fix #1067

Applied patch #309 to fix bug #376

Applied patch #310 to fix bug #311

Fixed bugs #1057 and #281. Added one new message key to catalog.

Fixed bugs #1057 and #281.

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imported en_us message catalog files

i18nized dotLRN Homework

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Fixed the Edit group properties part of #173 making the string a message key

Fixed #843 by adding site_node::delete in the destructor of the init class

Made a few minor bug fixes to random photo widget

Added includable random-photo widget to Jeff's photo album in contrib. Works only with Postgres at the moment

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Added missing files

Added folder-create-postgresql.xql

Added collections-specific stuff to dotlrn-homework-drop.sql and fixed a broken function drop call.

added blob handling to dotlrn-homework-procs-postgresql.xql

Porting to PostgreSQL.


the blob handling

Added dotlrn-homework create and drop scripts for PostgreSQL.