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Deprecate trivial wrapper dotlrn_chat::add_portlet_helper

Cus short computations when the portlet is shaded

Reduce divergency between Oracle and Postgres codebase

Cleanup the vestigial moderated_p flag

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Get rid of the intermediate "room-enter" page and enforce all of the relevant permission in place in the "chat" page, cleanup variables and update automated tests

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Update api

Modernize api

Modernize idiom

Use modern api

Update api to streamline idiom

Update api

No need to access the form directly here

ns_getform will return the empty string only when invoked outside of a connection thread, which is a non-issue at installation time

Deprecate trivial wrappers to the NaviServer API

Modern ns_getform will not return the empty string for empty requests, but only when we are operating outside of a connection. In such circumstances is arguably useful to manipulate the request parameters.

Commit missing change to the users api

Prefer Naviserver API directly

Prefer NaviServer API directly

Rework idiom

Rework idiom

Exploit page contract, rework idioms

Don't run the spiel when we are not connected

Streamline idiom

Streamline idiom

Whitespace cleanup

Modernize api

Inline rp_getform usage

rp_getform will never return the empty string, small cleanup

Remove no_alarms_until column

Rationale: the column or the related api is never used in upstream code to check whether notifications should be sent or not or not. The UI to manage the column's value was not linked anywhere. On the instances accessible by me downstream, no tuple was found where this column had a value.

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file upgrade-5.10.1d17-5.10.1d18.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Avoid fetching the request forum manually