maltes in OpenACS

Fixed problem with complex send not knowing about the new valid_email_p procedure. additionally made sure that no empty header could be passed, as this breaks smtp::sendmail

Missing message keys, transformed as I guess they are meant.

Made sure you can pass an empty string as default and it translates into translation missing. Thanks To Emma for noticing this

Fix Bug #3126. lang::message::lookup was not adhering to a given default value but just returned the message key missing string, even if there was a default

Added export of all pictures of an album

Removed Ajax as it was causing trouble

Fixed it so only the parameter from file storage package will be overwritten and not any other parameters with the same name

Cleaned up complex_send, broke it down into multiple parts, refactored repetitive things into foreach loops, made sure rollout support is handled in complex_smtp, thopugh I have no idea how to do the filters there.... This is in need of testing and should only act as a commit for the OCT to decide if this is going in the right direction.

Added procedure to resolve the party_ids if they contain groups

I think I fixed the problem with multipart/mixed of e-mails with no attachments. This should be tested though. I am putting this out to see if I might have a mismatch in my train of thought.

Fixed the confusion about single_email_p in complex_send_immediately using the defaults which make most sense. Fixed documentation accordingly

Removed master information from include

Set fq_name variable to empty string, otherwise the loading of the whole 05-db-procs fails and accordingly most of the other library files as well

Fixed the cmd_string

Fixed bug with missing mail_package_id variable

Fixed pools-init to work with AOLserver 4.0

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Update to reflect the need for template::head

Allow editing of CSS files if running 5.4 with template::head support

Added logging to syslog

As link is not supported anymore, we need to call template::head::add_css

Fixed the blank master as headscript was not defined (called script) and the foreach did not work either. Not to mention the fact that the <list> tag is unknown to OpenACS templating

We need to use the default here, otherwise upgrades might become an issue

checkbox and radio widgets are checked not selected when active see:

Made sure we are using the right user-new template

Rename exec and replace with the proxy version if ns_proxy is installed

Made sure the content package has the new procedures as well

Missing upgrade scripts

Got rid of reliance on Java for Oracle. Removed unused old functions. Hopefully someone else can help with a fresh install test as well

Made sure we are 'only' running into a problem with throttle do eval. Need Gustafs help here

Added callback for parameter change