leed in OpenACS

Fixed case where the upload times out.

Fixed file handle leakage in util_http_file_upload when the connection is refused by the remote server.

Added xinha/rte processing into blank-compat to unbreak .LRN.

Fixed typo in declared script type which prevented xinha from loading.

Fixed a couple of stupid bugs in the blank-master.adp

Committed Zen / Accessibility changes to master templates.

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file blank-compat.adp was initially added on branch oacs-5-3.

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file site-compat.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-3.

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file site-compat.adp was initially added on branch oacs-5-3.

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file blank-compat.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-3.

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Return the correct code from template::adp_parse.

Fixed adp_parse to pop the parse_level from the adp_level stack regardless of how template::adp_parse exits. This makes debugging some problems with include tags much easier when multirows are in use or variables are being passed by reference.

Fixed SCORM dependency in javascript.

Fixed bug #2952:   as thousands separator

Fixed bug #2999: Merge users fails.

Fixed a problem in callbacks; implementations always call the contract definitions arg parser, but in the case where the contract only had positional arguments the arg parser was not defined.

Fixed typo.

Fixed a bug that deletes previously defined validate blocks when extending an ad_form.

Fixed bug: parent's sibling is considered a child when the subtree category has no siblings.

Allow multiple category trees and object types to be mapped in the install.xml

Add option to automatically propagate all slave properties to the next master template to make this one 'invisible'.

Added id parameter to folder create action to allow use later in the install.xml.

use dummy query name in list::prepare

Return rel_id from application-link tag so that other tags can use it.

Added package-create tag to instantiate a package in install.xml without mounting it.

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Allow application link creation in install action by package_id.

Added install action to define a relation type.

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trim slashes from mount points so that mounting doesn't break

Added accessor function to set context id.

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Initial import of ImageMagick access functions.

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