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use "nonnull_assert" only in combination with "nonnull" declaration

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://alice.wu-wien.ac.at/usr/local/src/git-repo/nsf

* nsf.c (NsfProcStub): Re-order logic, so that the availability of a shadow proc cmd is tested first (re-fetch) and the parameter passing comes second, conditional on an available dispatch target.

nsf.c (NsfStubProc): Improve comment formatting

* nsf.c, nsf-cmd.test: Fixed nsf::procs for (unintended) deletes of the shadowed proc, plus test cases.

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* nsf.c, nsfShadow.c (NsfProcStubDeleteProc, Nsf_RenameObjCmd): Provide for coupled renaming of the nsf::proc pairs; and coupled deletion.

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
* nsf.c (NsfProcStub, InvokeShadowedProc): Provide for re-fetching (e.g., deleted) ::nsf::procs::* commands, to allow for renamed nsf::procs to run. * nsf-cmd.test: Added test to cover re-fetch

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* nsf.c, nsfInt.h (NsfProcStub, NsfProcClientData): Apply namespace reform to nsf::procs, to prevent proc redefinition after a proc rename to fail. * nsf-cmd.test: Add test case to document/ to cover failing rename + redefine.

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remove unneeded assignment

reduce dead assignments and variable scopes

improve handling of HAVE_INTTYPES_H under windows

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improve type cleanness

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remove comma before that

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help static analyzer to parse statements

reduve variable scopes

fix access to NULL members (found via clang sanitizer)

fix variable name

prefer writing blocks in multiple lines

improve spelling

  1. … 6 more files in changeset.
prefer Tcl defined types over local prototypes

MSVC seems to be bad on const expressions

Improve comments, unify comment formatting and whitespace cleanup

properly initialize resultObj in all cases

remove dead assignments, initialize variables also on error paths

Reduce number of implicit type conversions Avoid use of macros

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://alice.wu-wien.ac.at/usr/local/src/git-repo/nsf

mprove alignment of prototypes and function definitions

* nsf.c (ObjectCmdMethodDispatch, FindNextMethod): Balance book-keeping in memcounts for Tcl_Objs (technically, an unmatched decrement would suffice).

* nsf.c (NsfProcDeleteProc): Fix freeing of colonLocalVarCache and balance book-kepping on memcounts for colonLocalVarCache.

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://alice.wu.ac.at/usr/local/src/git-repo/nsf