gustaf neumann <> in nsf

add const declarations, whitespace changes

avoid potentially dangerous call strcat(); remove unneeded assignment

whitespace changes

break overlong lines

polish and comment the execNs change for Tcl 8.5

Quickfix fot Tcl 8.5 (needs still more investigation)

add const declarations, reduce variable scopes, break longish lines

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

add const and pure declarations

adding const declarations, variable name cleanup

more code cleanup: - reuduce number of returns before end of function - ease live for static checker - use more "const" declarations

add comment and improve linebreak

- prefer bool over int - reduce number of gotos - reduce number of returns before end of function - reduce variable scopes - add "const" declaration - white-space changes

align prototypes with function definitions

whitespace changes

prefer bool over int, white space changes

More code cleanup

- make nsf compilable with tcl 8.7.2 and TCL_NO_DEPRECATED turned on

- prefer bool over int

- reduce nr of returns before end of function

- line bread overlong function definitions

update genstub path to recent versions of Tcl releases

prefer boolean over int

Reduce number of return statements beofre end of function

cleanup: fix regression, prefer boolean over int, reduce number of returns befor end of function

ease life of colon cmd cachier

Don't pass colon-prefixed method names from setter cmd to SetInstVar() to avoid potential shimmering.

- add Tcl_Obj caching to cget argument - redued usage of goto statements - reduced size of largish function

introduce macro ObjTypeStr for commonly used idiom

prefer boolean over int

coloncmd reform (part 4): perform validation for per-object cases, provide more detailed statistics (when compiled with COLON_CMD_STATS)

Reduce memory consumption for cache by caching just cmds in non-volatile Tcl_Objs. Add optional statistics, when COLON_CMD_STATS is defined.

simplify expression

remove unneeded variable