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extend regression test

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execution namespace reform: - add execution namespace to proc context instead of altering the namespace of the command - this fixes strange behavior of "info commands ::o::p", which might have returned "::p" - provide compatibility with Tcl 8.7a2 - extend regression test

get the "int" type from the Tcl_Obj directly, which will continue to work in Tcl 9.0

Provide compatibility with TIP #484

deactivate solution to the tcl87a2 problem for now, since we need a different solution with this for recursive aliases

improve woring in comment

remove shadowing variable

reduce implicit conversions

transitional fix for tcl87a2 problem

substdefault code cleanup

extend regression test, make assumptions explicit

- remove stripping of substdefault from properties

- add handling of extended substdefault options to per-object variables - improve default value checking for slot-less variables - transfor associated array into a dict - extend regression tests

delete pre-existing commands explicitly

- provide fully qualified names to Tcl_ProcObjCmd() to avoid potential problems in newer Tcl versions

- make it possible to use error code for cmd result comparison - add some NSF specifc error code

provide error hint for "invalid value constraints" errors

add error message, when present

Reduce number of strlen() operations

whitespace changes

Fold "substdefault" and "substdefaultoptions" into a single parameter option "substdefault"

* nsf.c (ParamOptionParse): Fixed typo in error msg.

* nsf.c (NSCheckNamespace): Simplify resource management of a DString.

* nsf.c (ParamSetFromAny2): Fix inline comment.

* nsf.c (ParamOptionParse, ParamDefinitionParse, ParamDefsParse), parameters.test: Small "type=" converterArg reform. Provided additional parameter in param-parser machinery, to communicate a (namespace) qualifier into ParamOptionParse. This way, the unqualified type=* values are now expanded to qualified names (definition scope): method parameters, nsf::is, nsf::parseargs, setter methods. Type=* in object parameters are currently expanded at the slot level, could also be added. New tests were added, existing ones adjusted to reflect the new behaviour.

- new command "tnsf::definitionnamespace" - experiment with command in regression test

fix typo in comment

- implement substdefaultoptions (for now, just providing the bitmask) - add substdefault.test - rename static function ParamParse() to ParamDefinitionParse() - break overlong lines

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Silence gcc8

Use snprintf() instead of sprintf() to protect better against potential buffer overflows