alfredw in OpenACS

Added braces for expr for performance / stylistic recommendation.

Changed content::type::create_attribute and drop_attribute to the

content::type::attribute::new and ::delete style.

deprecated procs with counterparts in content::symlink

renamed ::del to ::delete

Marked as -deprecated any procs with corresponding items in content::item

updated a return type

renamed ::del to ::delete

Copied ::new logic to content::extlink, added deprecated tags.

renamed ::del to ::delete

changed create_type to ::new and drop_type to ::delete

made use_context default to "public" rather than be required in all cases.

added return values, and @see tags

Added return values and a @throws value.

Added return values, changed content::keyword::del to ::delete

Added -deprecated flags and @see comments to procs with direct replacements in content::keyword::

Added return values and other general cleanup.


Deprecated in favor of new CR TCL API.

Reversed a rash change from export_url_vars to export_vars ...

Adding Simple User Search Page

Added a primitive user search results page to admin and a few noquote fixes..

Fixed some ns_urlencode collisions with noquote and fixed the .info file using APM.


Updating navigation based on user feedback - namely moving some edit buttons to top of page to reduce carpal tunnel

Fix for bug 1375

  1. … 156 more files in changeset.
Fixed bug 1191.

Fix for bug 643

Bug 967

Bug 284

Further mods to the product_id removal.

Removed Product ID from the "Legal Values" text blurb..

Upped the package rev

Fix for Bug #1382 - package acs-datetime dependency was not included