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Quote the value of the "inform"-widget value before rendering it

file head-init.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Bump version number due to updated message keys

Localize filter clearing

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Greatly reduce complexity of code required to support -export flag for ad_form:

instead of juggle variables around to mimick export_vars, just set -export flag

value as a form property, then use the real export_vars on it later when form

is rendered. This will support all current features (e.g. :multiple, :sign, :array)

more reliably and reduce code duplication.

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made value retrival for parameters "DefaultDimensionalStyle" and "DefaultListFilterStyle" theme aware

whitespace changes

Replace single quotes wuith double quotes in javascript expressions involving acs_ListBulkActionClick

this is really needed only for the URL part, but was done on the name as well for consistency. The reason

is even a properly encoded URL could still contain single quotes, therefore breaking the expression,

while double quotes are expected to be encoded in valid, urlencoded URLs. This relies on trusting the developer

to properly encode URLs, which should be expected. An alternative could involve active escaping of

javascript special characters by e.g. ad_js_escape.

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Fix typos in proc doc

Fix typo in proc doc

Fix doc

Add @see in deprecated proc

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fix brken verison (see issue #3366)

improve indentation

Allow to make other (non .adp) kinds of resources "theme aware" and use this to provide a theme mapping to the /resources/ URL pattern, then use this new capability to allow the override of css in the chat implementations

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Trailing whitespace cleanup

Replace deprecated proc template::util::leadingPad with ad_pad

improve spelling

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Add new utility to trigger a browser refresh when we reach a page by the browser's history

Useful e.g. for those pages implementing some server push interaction, where browser might have 'missed out' events while on another page

improve capitalization and wording in comments

whitespace cleanup

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replace deprecated proc util_search_list_of_lists

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Whitespace changes

Fix duplicate wording

Whitespace cleanup

Add @see to deprecated proc 'get_server_root' (fixes documentation__check_deprecated_see test case)

Removed broken @cvs-id

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improve spelling

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change end-of-line convention to usual unix style

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prefer "ns_cache_get" over "ns_cache_eval" since the latter might create in case of a miss an empty value in the cache