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Whitespace changes + Editor hints

Disable autocomplete on login password field on 'openacs-bootstrap3-theme'

Prefer live to latest revision when getting title for attachments in 'attachments::get_all_attachments'

Adjust doc and defaults of 'content::item::get_title' to the actual implementation of 'content_item__get_title'

When the attachment is not in the file storage, consider both the possibilities of it being a 'content_item' or a 'content_revision', while trying to resolve its title in 'attachments::get_all_attachments' by looking directly in the content respository

Use 'item_id' instead of 'revision_id' for attachments

Do not assume all attachments are in the file storage while retrieving their title/name

Remove self-reference in proc doc

Check for already converted form variables on 'template::util::file_transform'. This can happen, for instance, during the 'preview' action of a form.

Fix '@see' field in proc doc

Replace acs_object_party_privilege_map with permission api

Replace deprecated view in queries

Rework query to use permission api instead of just removed materialized views

adjust for boandwith management in NaviServer

reduce verbosity

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Bump 'acs-kernel' version number

Add upgrade script to cleanup 'acs_object_context_index' and friends

file upgrade-5.10.0d20-5.10.0d21.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Add some AOLserver compatibility code for 'template::util::file_transform'

Modify 'template::util::file_transform' to manage multiple files

Whitespace changes

Whitespace changes

ad_form: allow multiple files in 'template::widget::file' by using the 'multiple' attribute of the input tag, new on HTML5.

- Pass the 'multiple' flag to 'template::element::create', so it can be used by widgets to modify their behavior.

- Update 'template::element::create' doc.

- This opens the door to reducing the number of widgets by combining single and multivalued ones into one (for instance, 'multiselect' and 'select' widgets), in the same way the 'file' widget does now.

improve comments and linebreaks

modernize code: use resolver variables rather than method calls

modernize code: use resolver variables rather than method calls

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fix typo

add "blob" to the checked attributes

remove xotcl-core specific per-request caching, since acs-tcl performs nowadays as well per-request caching on permissions