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Fix es_* message key

Preserve old logic on total size increment

Show attachment size in forum messages

Whitespace changes

Use 'util::content_size_pretty' instead of manually prettifying data sizes

Use 'util::content_size_pretty' instead of manually prettifying data sizes

Add new proc 'util::content_size_pretty', to prettify data size given in bytes, and its automated tests.

It supports both binary and decimal representations, a resolution up to YB/YiB, and setting the precision via parameter.

It should replace ad-hoc size prettyfication done manually in several places of the codebase.

Fix workflow_constructs automated test: in this case, workflow context is not resolved and "::" is returned instead, which is not a command and would make this proc fail

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Keep the eventual language prefix in the name, as it is useful to distinguish e.g. pages from folders with the same name

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don't catch all render_icon calls

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- added support for render_icon method

- improved error messages

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improve spelling

added an addtional interaction type for uploading files upload_interaction

the basic interaction types are now:

- text_interaction

- upload_interaction

- mc_interaction (supporting as well single choice)

new includelet: link-with-local-return-url: insert a link with extra return URL pointing the current object.

improve robustness in view-mode

improve configurability of menu entries: support passing extra query parameters

improve configuratbility of make_form_link: support passing extra query parameters

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Try to improve doc a bit. The proc seems to need some refactoring.

Don't send HTML mail as plain text

Don't send HTML mail as plain text

use glyphicons for file types in file listings (e.g. child-resources)

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fix typo

support MemUnit (MB, KB, ...) for "maxinput" in config file

Whitespace changes

Use the attachment icon, available since 10+ years, for forums attachments.

web-callable method list: add optional parameter "children" to allow listing of arbitrary children of an item

move logic whether or not to use h264 streaming to ad_returnfile_background to make code path clearer

reduce verbosity

Make sure, the pull-down login window does not hide under navbar

(e.g. when xowiki menubar is shown)

Modernize logic for protecting against cached passwords from forms,

when users log out and other users use the back button (for Nora).

- switch to more modern caching prevention

- add CSRF protection to login form against forgery requests

- none of the cache-preventing mechanisms helps when the user

stores the password in the browser (no change to the past).

- For admins of existing sites: alter kernel parameter

"LoginPageExpirationTime" to 0 make use of this feature