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Proctoring enforcing reform:

so far, to proctor applications that do not have a "single point of entry", such as e.g. dotlrn communities, we have integrated the lib/proctoring-enforce include into the website master template. Now we improve from this by introducing a callback mechanism that allows the single packages to decide if a request is "theirs to be proctored" or not.

file proctoring-callback-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

whitespace changes

reduce verbosity

fix messed up commit

It seems that param has the minus, while declared_parameters do not

Fixes downstream pipeline

Beautify display of CSS tree renderer for deeper trees

- allow one to specify general UL class via "toc" includelet (was only CSS class for top-level UL)

- support passing general class for UL for tree renderer (was only CSS class for top-level UL)

- passing properties also via "add_page" to TreeNode instances

    • -10
    • +31
Humanize code

Update italian localization

    • -2
    • +2
Update italian localization

Return a 422 complaint, introduce a generic error message when an item is invalid

Be stricter when validating widgets with restricted options: when no options are specified, treat it as automatic failure

Enforce that region is an integer

Allow empty anchor

Prevent null portal_id, strengthen page contract

Don't try to deliver files that do not have any live revision

Cleanup inconsistent doc and redundant statements

Log the error message

Return a 404 and trap the error when one supplies an invalid ID

Fix typo

Validate the portal_id via the page contract, keep passing the whole form down as before

Export by default only the declared query variables

Varibles are declared via package specification or in the includelet

definition. Previously, all query variables where exported.

improve spelling

extend tests and pinpoint essesntials

Cleanup smelly comment: we don't need to catch the error, if it fails it fails and the application should handle it

Minimize and corrrect test: strings containing the null character are expected to fail when fed to the DBMS, even when quoted

added support for eliptic curve certificates (ecdsa)

The change will become effective, once the letsencrypt packages

is updated

Improved startup time (of server, of threads) by using nsv_dict when available

During definition of attributes, the xo-db inteface checks whether

the db attributes managed by xotcl are in sync with the actual database.

This was done so far by a couple of small database query. When nsv_dict

is available, it can be used for quickly checking those values.

use better idiom for checking for the existence of objects

Restrict more the kind of items that can pass through the initial check