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Replace leftover double quotes...

Update new message keys from downstream, make system name come from parameter, reactivate volume too low error message

reduce number of locks when NaviServer is used

    • -12
    • +33
Set some tests as 'production_safe'

drop line commented out

specify field names explicitly in default xowf index page (maybe move this to site-wide pages)

form_usages: add revisions and full path to output

Refine test again so that no folder is created where real objects are supposed to be

Refine test so it cleans after itself

form_unify: use switch instead of boolean flag; iterate over single forms

Make so that the proctoring folder can be assumed existing when retrieved, update automated tests

Fix var name

Make 'aa_log_result' return gracely if called outside a test.

provide compatibility for legacy mc_interaction

whitespace changes and typo

improve debugging messages

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Reduce red in acs-tcl.documentation__check_proc_doc automated test

improve wording

Bring togehter the thresholds in black picture checks to one value

Remove LEARN references from message keys

This change should be merged upstream so that the old ones are not overridden!

use the same defaults for the "-forms" switch in form_usages and form_unify

Turn the phrase around, as in other tests

Rework communities_security_inherit test: just check for existance, no need for a loop, no need to rollback anything

Whitespace cleanup

Whitespace cleanup

Whitespace changes

Treat callback hooks and implementations as private api

Whitespace cleanup, normalize indentation

Complete api coverage for general-comments

Reduce red in acs-tcl.documentation__check_proc_doc automated test