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improving the message catalog QA script so that it now checks all packages per default

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moving the old language test messages (unclear if we'll use them) into the new xml-based message catalog format

use context list rather than context bar

fixing adp message tag regexp, it wouldn't accept tags in messages

save session prefered locale to db when a user registers

adding support for dealing with adp variables embedded in I18N messages in adp pages, extracting adp variable regexp patterns into procs so they could be reused in the acs-lang package

adding translator mode with translation links, adding support for interpolated variables in adp files, bugfixes, removing site-wide locale from the change locale page

Use a real redirect instead of an internal one. Otherwise the 'search again' form didn't work.

new files

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remove "untested" comment

clean up templates, improve context bar handling. still more to do.

*** empty log message ***

- removed obsolete upgrade directory

fixes rdf:Seq since the rdf parser complains about unqualified resource tags

change colors for openacs.org

fix essay answers

fix responses-export for postgresql and remove unused subselect for oracle.

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clean up del/remove functions

add a no-responses page for CSV export

file no-responses.adp was initially added on branch oacs-4-6.

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fix survey-copy query

remove unused xql file

error v_section_row used rather than v_question_row bug 1790/patch 495

removing old files

moving from dotlrn.openforce.net:/dotlrn-cvsroot/new-portal to


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Initial revision

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I removed the composite index that checks for uniqueness of the community_type

and supertype pair. This index broke installation if the Oracle blocksize is

less than 8KB (which is true by default on at least some platforms).

The unique constraint was unnecessary since community_type was already declared as the

table's primary key. Because of this, only one row with a given community_type name

is possible, which means the composite key (community_type, supertype) is guaranteed

to be unique.

Removing the index will also speed community creation slightly, save a bit of

disk space, etc etc.

Note that the composite index was useless for lookups on the supertype alone

anyway (since community_type was the leftmost member of the composite key), and that

any queries on the type hierarchy ought to use the denormalized table defined

by acs-objects-metadata.sql anyway.

So the index seems entirely useless to me.

Made -export ignore variables that aren't defined ala the export_vars


updating owner and vendor of acs-lang package

improving context bar handling, master template, and other minor improvements

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