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Converge downstream reading_info feature with upstream

Port downstream only idiom to update reading_info table

Make more use of api when retrieving forum and message information

Optimize message existance query

Fix sql update to populate new forum_id column in existing data

Maintenance of forum reading count feature

- removal of forums_reading_info_user (1Mio rows on Learn@WU).

This materialized view had to be constantly synced with

forums_reading_info table. Reimplemented as view.

- simplify logics in stored procedure due to new datamodel

- fix inconsistencies between oracle and postgres function definition

- re-enabled parameter to decide whether use these stats or not in


TODO: consider further reform of this feature as stats grow very

large on busy sites for probably little value added

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Remove deprecated idioms and unneded queries

Persist sanitized timestamp into data object before saving (Many thanks to Markus Moser)

Implement post anonymously through explicit forum attribute in table

Now moderators can explicitly decide whether a forum will enable posting anonymously or not.

Forum must be in a policy different from closed and the anonymous flag must be set accordingly for this to happen.


- normalize api in a way it can accomodate all current attributes. In particular,

now edit api will now leave every unspecified attribute unchanged, instead of

setting it to some default.

- fix some usability issues when managing forum parameters (e.g. values not

retrieved in form when editing existing forum)

- introduce missing Oracle upgrade script for the whole forum reform

- fix oracle creation script

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Update docs: remove broken links and remove/update obsolete section

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further cleanup for XOTcl2

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Simplify idiom

Since PostgreSQL 10 does not support the tsearch2 backword compatibility package anymore, make sure that OpenACS does not use the old names requiring this package.

Revert db_exec_plsql or Oracle will break, remove leftover xql files

restrict detail statistics to swa

Optimize query by using multi-object permission checking and trying to filter the most tuples before joining cr_items with cr_revisions

Reduce divergence between oracle and postgres

Fix oracle systax to call function via select

Uniform API when deleting folder, drill through some calling levels in stored procedure, use a simpler db_string instead of db_exec_plsql

Fix broken links

Remove broken links

make sure to create in initialize WorkflowContext new and remove duplicated instproc

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Bring legacy versions of image__new() in sync with the actual definitions

fix variable reference

check stripped_name before trying to import the prototype page

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Fixes for previous commit

Bump version number

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Prefer XOTcl2 idioms

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Prefer XOTcl2 idioms

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Prefer XOTcl2 idioms

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Prefer XOTcl2 idioms

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Prefer XOTcl2 idioms

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prefer XOTcl2 idioms

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