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new API call "http_auth::basic_authentication_decode" to replace 3 distinct implementations of this logic

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clean dirty editor buffer

fix bug in basic authentication, when user password contains a colon

improve spelling

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improve error message in case the value is not validated: return the proper variable name

Allow valuecheckers to be specified in query_parameter calls (implemented via argument checking)

Example: :query_parameter return_url:localurl /

add value checker for localurls

improve comment

Use a common idiom to retrieve the first instance that is not cache dependent (ToDo reproduce the issue with ::xo::parameter get_package_id_from_package_key in an own test)

add function to set parameter value via xo::* interface: "xo::parameter set_value ..."

xo::parameter->clear_per_package_instance_value: removed needless argument

Fix call to get_context in functions used in third party applications (see #3424)

added suggestion #3424

added suggestion #3425

whitespace cleanup

implement suggestion #3417

Whitespace changes

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Use 'ns_log Error' for error logging, instead of 'ns_log Notice: Error...'

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Keep coherence between the 'api_proc_doc' and 'api_proc_doc_scripts' nsvs

Add a new Action widget property "confirm_message": when this is set on a BulkAction, will generate the javascript to ask for confirmation using specified message

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Localize sorting of column in xotcl widgets, update german and italian localization

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improve spelling

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fix query name

Whitespace cleanup

improve line breaks

revert escaped file

don't fix potential exceptions, but try comment the case and avoid useless calls.

Return forbidden only when connected

make translation mode stylable via CSS, add styles for default and bootstrap3 themes, reduce dependencies on xinha icons

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Localize bulk-actions label in the child-resources include (many thanks to Monika Andergassen)

Port from downstream

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improve ease of debugging