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Apply the deprecated flag to the methods documentation

Add doc to public api

Add doc to public api

Configure nsf to keep init commands much earlier, so that we don't lose doc for nsf classes defined before xotcl-core is loaded

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Small improvements:

- use "string is space" instead of trimming the string and checking if empty, at least 2x faster on development, wherever we don't need the trimmed value

- modernize leftover foreach trick with lassign

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replace occurrences of <br/> in api doc strings

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new proc "ad_log_deprecated": unified interface for logging deprecated usages

The existing code used a larger variety of different messages to

denote invocations of deprecated procs and other

artifacts. "ad_log_deprecated" provides a unified interface, and

provides a usage hint what to use instead based on the API-doc

definitions in the log-file.

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reduce verbosity

plain table renderer: use "thead" and "tbody" inside "table"

Fixed bug with value-constraints query parameters

Previous versions had a problem with calls like

:query_parameter name:SOMECONSTRAINT

since the implementation clobbered the name variable. Versions of NSF

later than 2022-01-21 support "nsf::parseargs" with the "-asdict"

option, which can use all the nsf::parseargs options and avoids


Added tests of "xo::cc query_parameters" to the regression test suite.

file context-test-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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added support to render documents with multiple roots

This generalizes handling of HTML snippets (like e.g. several list items)

in case where postprocessing is necessary

removed anonymous array and break overlong line

added proper handling of overfull recurrence rule lines

removed onsolte comments

Modernize ical support

Rewritten ical support based on NX instead of XOTcl, following

much closer to the the standards. The interface is compatible

with the old interface. Note that in case, applicatios have

subclassed/extended the xotcl-core ical support, it must be

as well ported to NX (which is an easy task).

Bumped verison number to 5.10.1d8

improve comment line

provide style- and font-based sort-handles

This requires the CSS classes "sort-active", "sort-inactive", "sort-up", and "sort-down"

update current instance with actual image info before refreshing in the cache

added missing name of positional argument

added "xo::library doc" where possible for improved uniformity

added security::csp::add_static_resource_header for various backward compatibility versions for file delivery

fix typo

Make use of uniform styling based on adp:icon

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Fix typo

Fix typo

Make ::xo::db::require package a shorthand for ::xo::library require, which will remember the dependency

This will also make sure that dependent files are reloaded when a dependency is reloaded

further tighten value checker

Added NSF value-checker "cr_item_of_package" for quick checks for valid parameters

This checker is especially useful when processing external values

(query-parameters etc). Since the check involves a DB lookup, it is

no suited inside busy loops.

bumped version number of xotcl-core to 5.10.1d6

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