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Prefer exec-free alternative

Test external command dependencies

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improve spelling

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Use current namespace ::tdom instead of legacy ::tDOM

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- replace depreacted "ns_mkdir" by "file mkdir"

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Need to explicitly set is_live true since 5.6 fixed an old CR bug that

treated is_live undefined as though it's true.

Major shuffling of stuff, some datamodel corrections, improved error

handling (dupe course gives error), bombed course uploads rollback, etc.

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Fixed a couple of problems I introduced a day or so ago.

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Added checking to ensure the course is scorm 2004, and removed my

commented-out catch/error message ...

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left/right calculations on cp_tree were incorrect, so I both simplified and

fixed the code.

Refactored the import pieces so they can be used to create a course from

a dynamically created manifest, which is necessary for authoring tools.

Some of these pieces will move to scorm-core eventually, leaving the importer

containing only stuff directly associated with importing from a packaged


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Course import utility package for a new Scorm 2004 LMS based on ilias. This

package is meant to be embedded into an LMS package. See the scorm-demo

package for a simple example as to how to do this.

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Initial revision

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