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Bring portable SQL inline

Make idiom portable

Bring portable SQL inline, prefer portable SQL idioms

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Use portable SQL idioms

Cleanup unreferenced SQL, moved to other places a long time ago

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Whitespace changes + Editor hints

Replace deprecated API

Update spanish message keys

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Italian localization

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Improve sql portability, reduce number of statements

Whitespace changes

Redefine foreign key constraints on the na_aggregators table so that there won't be need for package uninstantiation callbacks (as found downstream)

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    • +33
No need to explicitly delete permissions

Fix typo in drop script

Move upgrade scripts in the proper directory

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Replace deprecated idioms

Add missing constraint at creation

improve .adp quoting, fix spelling, whitespace changes

Fix upgrade timing

Make guid,source_id unique for na_items

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Whitespace changes + Editor hints

Rework news source update to simplify the logics and handle updating of existing news items (passes tests)

Move normalization of the pub date closer to its source

New test checking behavior of the news aggregator

This currently fails for what concerns updating an existing news item

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    • +90
Use existing api

Prepend source URL to the one of the news item in case this is not an absolute URL

Add test for the news aggregator and feed-parser

news-aggregator will reuse basic test from the feed parser

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Fix subscription form error (left behind from previous commit)

Trim whitespace

Repair form validation of URL