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bumped version numbers due to upstream releases

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Bumped version to the highest released version number (6.4.2)

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more upstream version updates (font-awesome, bootstrap-icons)

font-awesome 6.4.2 (e.g. twitter -> "x" brand icon change)


Bootstrap Icons v1.11.1 (100 new icons, including brand icon "x")

now including new floppy disk icons, additional brand icons, new person icons,

new emojis, some birthday cake, a few new science icons, and .... in total more than 2,000 icons


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Bump Font Awesome Icons to 6.4.0

CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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bump version numbers and add version check URLs

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New package: fa-icons

The Awesome Icon library is a free, high-quality icon library which

defines in version 6.1.1 more than 2,000 free icons. It can be

included in all kind of packages, and it does not depend on a CSS

toolkit. It defines an icon font and SVG icons as well. The

https://fontawesome.com website lists in addition to the Free version

also a "Pro" and a "Pro Max" including more than 13K icons.

The package supports installation from CDN and a local installation,

switchable via the site-wide administration link for the package in


The package is also already integrated with the <adp:icon> markup

to support generic pages using icon sets depending on the "IconSet"

definition (switchable per subsite).

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file resource-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.