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Use 'portal::exists_p' instead of custom idioms

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Delete site_node after unmount in 'dotlrn_forums::remove_applet'

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Add 'dotlrn_forums__applet_portlet' test case, covering 'dotlrn_forums::add_applet', 'dotlrn_forums::add_portlet', 'dotlrn_forums::add_portlet_helper', 'dotlrn_forums::remove_portlet' and 'dotlrn_forums::remove_applet'

Add 'dotlrn_forums::get_pretty_name' and 'dotlrn_forums_admin_portlet::get_pretty_name' to the 'dotlrn_forums_portlet_links_names' test

Add simple test for 'dotlrn_forums_admin_portlet::link'

Add new simple tests for dotlrn-* packages

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file dotlrn-forums-test-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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