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improve spelling

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Fix typos

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Fix typos

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minify ajaxfs.js

Value for delete_p etc is true not 't'

renamed a couple of functions in the flash uploader, commit minified version of ajaxfs.js with the ad_user_login replaced with ad_session_id

Use ad_session_id to see if user has a current session.

removed an alert command, fixed tagging

fix code errors from last commit

commit patches c/o Luis Riveiro regarding permissions and controlling what is hidden/shown, enabled, disabled in the toolbars

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show hide toolbar buttons and menus depending on the currently selected folder, not just root

fix acs-lang messages, commit fixes c/o Luis from Innova, upgrade swfupload to 2.2.01, fix issue with multiple file uploads not working after the first upload, remove restriction on linux and macs, multi upload now needs flash 10

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add a transparent png for the flash browse button for the multiple upload widget, some fixes in the fsCore javascript class for deleting revisions and deleting folders

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update treenodes xql file for oracle, fix c/o Luis Riveiro of Innova

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use content::extlink instead of the deprecated content_extlink:: api, add content::extlink::edit function

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fix extra words in delete confirmation message

fix a bug when deleting treenodes

fix the url of swfupload

upgrade swfupload, fix bug with multi file upload with flash 10, fix bugs with drag and drop, create url and renaming tree folders

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fix a bug with the single upload form, make sure it resets after an upload

the version of swfupload ajaxfs is using does not work with Flash 10, putting a workaround to revert to single file upload until I can upgrade swfupload

Update ajaxfs ui to work with latest file-storage

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internationalize some of the text in the UI

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if size attribute on tree node is undefined skip the sentence about number of items in the delete confirmation, do not rely on content_size to check if there are subfolders inside a folder

add notifications menu item in the tools drop down, add xmlhttp file to check if user is subscribed to notifications and another file that redirects accordingly depending on whether the user is subscribed for folder notifications or not

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escape double quotes in folder names

use template::head if available, preload icons used in file panel, do not show [x] if folder is empty, escape double quotes in json fields, url encode download_url

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fix a bug in the upload popup window where it fails to popup when it is activated a second time

commit fixes c/o Franz Penz regarding (1) double quotes in the titles and qtips (2) support display of html in the treenode. Modify Tool menu in the toolbar to work with the treepanel folders if there is no selected file on the grid

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fix bug with right click and properties popup