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improve spelling (follow LDP)

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Add missing substitution

Added support for streaming HTML + javascript body procs

Previously, the API for bodyscripts (e.g. template::add_body_script,

template::add_event_listener, template::add_body_handler,

template::add_script with the right flags) was not usable for

streaming HTML pages, since the full processing of such scripts was

handled in blank-master.{tcl,adp}, which is not in use for streaming


Now the function template::collect_body_scripts was added, which can

be used at arbitrary time to collect the body scripts and translate

those to HTML. This function can be used in streaming mode to output

these function when new HTML chunks become available.

file body_scripts.adp was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

file body_scripts.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Prefer 'namespace which' over 'info commands', as it is faster (on local tests, around 2x) and returns a single value. Many thanks to Nathan Coulter.

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template::set_css_property: support flag "-querySelector" (in addition to the leass powerful "-class")

don't rely on uppercase header field names

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Document current preferred idiom to quote database lists, without official deprecation, for the time being

improve spelling: move closer to the linux documentation recommendations

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remove unused nsv variables

improve spelling

add missing documentation of the "adp" attribute of the "property" tag

white-space changes

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internationalize confirm message

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template::set_css_propert: generalize function

template::hide: new API function to hide certain CSS classes via javascript

improve readability

support registration of csp rules for URNs

Update es_ES message keys

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improve wording and fix typos

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check, if container resource is really loaded

fix typo in variable name

Prefer api to retrieve csp nonce, as it performs useful existance checks

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Prefer api to retrieve csp nonce, as it performs useful existance checks

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Use ad_page_contract, add some remarks

Avoid sending potentially unquoted text via hidden form field

address issue #3433: add option "noquote" for the "inform" widget type

The flag is currently ignored for all other widget types

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use same spelling for "i.e." as everywhere else

capitalize SQL