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improve spelling

extracting command to find all en_US catalog files into a shell function

making check-catalog.sh output warning keyword on every line relevant to warnings for easy greping. Adding the list-keys script that will list all keys in catalog files on the server

making catalog check script also seach in /www directory for keys

tightening the regexp to find message lookups in the system. The regexp will still find too much, but it's reasonably good now.

improving check for whether tcl message lookups are represented by keys in message catalog files

more lc_get related fixes. Making sure output is not too verbose.

changing catalog check script to cope with lc_get keys

changing regexp to allow for 3 character as well as 2 character country code in catalog consistency check script

making the check-catalog.sh script verify that package version in catalog files is same as in info files, made script accept multiple package keys

lookups should be drawn from all packages, not only the package of the catalog file. Got burned on the fact that xargs invokes egrep multiple times making my or construction fail.

updating doc of the script

now considering an en_US catalog key to be used if package_key.message_key occurs anywhere, adding check that non en_US catalog file keys are present in the en_US catalog file, making the output of the script a little more consistent

making it possible to extract keys from sql files

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regexp correction - dash is a permissible character in a message catalog key

the check that lookups in adp and tcl files are in the catalog file was broken because of a quoting mistake - fixed

adding a script that checks that info in catalog file names is consistent with xml contents

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improving the output from the catalog-check script

improving the message catalog QA script so that it now checks all packages per default

the catalog check script wasn't checking adp lookups properly, typo, improved indentation

adding script for checking consistency of catalog files