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fix markup of documentation block

- replace deprecated callas

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merging fixes from oacs-5-1 to HEAD.

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Verifying variables exists before performing delete. Smarter url generation when running within a sched proc.

Changes from arch/CVS synchronization

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merge all the changes on the oacs-5-1 and dotlrn-2-0 branches up to tag jcd-merge-20040420

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- Memory leak fix inspired by Tilmann's patch. This patch however also

releases the RDF and XSL trees when either one couldn't be

parsed. Tilmann's patch works when the XSL transformation is

successful but would fail on deleting the DOM trees when the

transformation failed.

Releasing dom trees of parsed rdf and xsl files as well, not only the one of the generated html.

- Fixed memory leak. HTML DOM was lingering around.

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- Add IRC logs in reverse order so that the newest log is at the top of the page.

- Add 'current' link to latest IRC log at the top of the page.

- Add 'current' link to irc-logger for links from other sites to the latest log.

- Update documentation.

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- Added update all RDF logs.

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Update 2003-02-11

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- Break the description of long hyper links in chunks of 50 characters as not to interfere with the page layout.

- Flush the ETP page whenever the log is updated so that the displayed ETP page is always current.

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- Shortened the timestamps to allow more space for the conversation.

- Added links to the user accounts who's screen name matches their IRC nick.

- Updated documentation to reflect new features.

- Removed <pre> tags from XSL sheet as they misfired too often.

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Initial revision

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Initial revision

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