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change ad_verify_and_get_user_id to ad_conn user_id, change ad_maybe_redirect_for_registration to auth::require_login, make some db_ and dt_ function -public

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Oracle9i porting changes

- Changed procedure names from delete to del

- Changed view declaration to use actual column names

- Changed "rel_constraints_violated_one" and "rel_constraints_violated_two"


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noquote changes (Dirk Gomez)

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merge of 4.6.3b1 to HEAD

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1. Made it possible to upgrade from acs-kernel 4.6.1 to acs-kernel 4.6.2

by using the APM rather than running the upgrade script by hand from

PSQL or SQL*Plus.

2. Changed a bunch of package .info files to depend on acs-kernel 4.6.2

to force the APM to upgrade acs-kernel (and therefore the APM datamodel)

before anything else. No guarantee on this though since not all

packages properly define their dependence on the kernel, it appears.

3. Whacked the release notes to suggest people use the APM to upgrade

acs-kernel first, other package later, just for safety's sake.

4. Fixed goof-up in acs-subsite I accidently introduced.

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I've changed "timestamp" to "timestamptz" and have begun fixing some

code that used to be legal but as of PG 7.3 is not. You can no longer

subtract an integer from a timestamp but must cast to date, "timestamp"

disappeared (must use "interval" now), "datetime" disappeared ("timestamptz"),

and suchwhat.

Not done but closer than it was before ...

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Merge of all changes from oacs-4-6 to HEAD. All changes up to tag jcd-merge-2

on oacs-4-6 are included.

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sync info files with package data and correct provides identifiers

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more abstract URLs

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ns_return->ad_return, ad_script_abort, redirect to absract urls

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cleanup javadoc tags (eg @cvs_id @cvs @cvs-id: instead if @cvs-id)

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remove superfluous package local masters and use sitewide master by default

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fix context label since variable not available in master template

propigate context to master

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sorts tickets by numerical rather than alphabetical priority/severity. Fix bug 1508 with patch 300

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properly orers tickets in ticket-add by numerical value. patch 299 fixing bug 1581

Merged with OpenACS 4.5 beta1 branch.

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Datamodel errors crept in ....

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Applied Lars Pind's patch #177, which adds a missing <tr> tag to the


1. Changed a lot of package info files to fix problems ...

2. Added Vinod's bboard patch

3. Rationalized party e-mail checking by putting a "before insert or update"

trigger on the table that lower-cases email (this was already done by the

party.new() func but at least one update missed this). Got rid of all

"lower(email) = " and "upper(email) = " checks and just made all use the

db email column directly and lower-cased Tcl vars. In this way the index

on the email column is always and consistently used without needing to

define functional indexes on the column (an EE feature for Oracle).

4. Rationalized naming of a couple of workflows and fixed a glossary PG bug

where apparently its workflow got overwritten by one from the CMS at some

point in time.

5. Made the .cmp/.dat/.frm filters in the template code usable though not

very beautiful nor exactly correct. But with practice you can use them

to debug pages in the packages/* hierarchy. I also turned these off by

default as there's no need to run these filters on a production site!

6. Performed minor surgery on templating, including adding a new

"ad_return_exception_template" that allows you to return a templated

error page and aborts the script.

7. ??? probably but I think this covers most stuff.

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removed excess files from .info file

cleaned up email check

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1) cleaned up workflows .info file

2) fixed error message in acs-workflow

3) fixed code to reassign tasks to users

4) send return_url to task-action.adp

5) fixed bug in ticket-tracker's clarify_fire callback

6) added return_url to ticket tracker's emails

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1) added missing param to workflow_case__add_task_assignment

2) Fixed minor typos in workflow docs, ACS->OpenACS

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1. Added session-update.tcl, a small utility which somewhat safely allows

you to put up a link that changes a session_property, for instance to

change the number of items displayed or that sort of thing. The caller

must sign their values and URL, which are verified by the callee via

ad_page_contract. If the referrer doesn't match the signed expected

referrer, you get bounced. I think this is reasonably secure (though

permissions should always be rigorously checked on all pages, of course)

2. acs_events had an html_p flag in the datamodel but no way to set it.

Fixed. It should really be a mime-type but since it's not using the

CR, and since I'm extremely busy with other stuff, I didn't fix it.

3. While doing #1 above I learned that signing and verifying arrays didn't

quite work. Fixed.

4. Found and fixed a small problem with my earlier work on the currency widget.

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use ad_acs_kernel_id to get package_id

adjusted install sequence to use ad_parameter instead of checking db directly

initial revision of acs-workflow-4.3

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initial revision of acs-workflow-4.3

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initial revision of acs-workflow-4.3