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stub acs_mail_lite::send since ns_sendmail is not always the ultimate transport. (the second one)

stub acs_mail_lite::send since ns_sendmail is not always the ultimate transport.

make test case a bit more informative about failure mode

- extend regression test

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fix typo

1. Made this dependent the current version of acs-subsite on HEAD (app group

tcl API changes which is also tracked in .LRN, though this dependency is

tracked in dotlrn-lorsm, the official way to add SCORM support to a .lrn


2. Use the new API and the fact that .lrn now defines a community as an app

group to remove calls to dotlrn_community::get_community_id.

3. Removed a bunch of commented-out, .lrn-only permissions twiddling, but left

in the toggle inherit call and dotlrn-related parameter/xml extension. This

can exist without dotlrn being installed and since there's really not budget

available to totally clean this stuff up, I left it in even though I suspect

that in practice it's not used.

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provide passing of nls_language for new items

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- pass title and name to pages when created via [[unknown_page_name|Sometitle]]

- set page lang always to the first two characters of nls_language

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Finished removing class_key references. Changed datamodel to work with

any group_id. Tested install and upgrade scripts. Tested that course

upload and play in lorsm works in .LRN.

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  1. … 6 more files in changeset.
"compliant" not "complaint"! Changed message but not key, to avoid having

to change a bunch of other language catalog files and code.

Removed the useless, unused, dotlrn-dependent "class_key" references

- includelet categories stays more silent in case no category tree name was provided

fix quoting in last commit

- provide package level methods 'manage-categories' and 'edit-category-tree'

- use these methods in admin/index and admin/list

- extended category-edit-button to either manage all categories or edit a category tree

- improve behavior, when mapped category tree exists, but does not contain categories

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define formfield type "code_listing" only, if not yet defined

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minor editing

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- move formfield type "code_listing" from s5 here.

- fix api-browser to allow returnredirect to aolserver documentation

- factor out api_tclcode_to_html from api_tcl_to_html to improve reusability

complete last update

- restructure page rendering code to make get_content and render more easy to use

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Bumped version number so dotlrn can ensure that the new application group

Tcl API procs are available.

updating carrier info parsing. this code is duplicated in admin/orders/track.tcl and should be make procs

adding more parsing flexibility for UPS

Adding a missing binded variable.

Adding function to edit permissions.

Fixing the activity tree structure

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Finishing application group stuff

Fixed application groups upgrade

Fix typo in create script.

.LRN honchos didn't approve 4 columns layout for portlets on .LRN meeting 2009-02-03