stefans in OpenACS

Provide for non-interactive model rendering of program text using Monaco's colorizer; draw a line between disabled and ready-only modes

Adding URN support for Monace resources (local install only, CDN to be done)

file monaco-init.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Remove brace protection from dynamic expr arg to if

Remove superfluous expr in first-arg to if

Add plugin.jss, remove unneeded markup file

file plugin.js was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Render embedding editor more robust when multiple editors are present, fix readyOnly mode

Adding catalog files

added alias for package xowf-monaco-plugin

Initial import of xowf-monaco-plugin

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Initial revision

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Fix path in commit-hook script

Provide a commit-hook script

Reactivate commit hooks

Deactivating commit hook for now, for testing

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Adjustung the XOTcl 1.* compat layer for recent changes in the NSF/Nx interface, namely ::nsf::alias now expecting a '-frame object' nonpos arg rather than the '-objscope' switch

- Adding RFC 3023 XML mime type awareness to the charset/encoding

handling of the xohttp infrastructure (application/xml*, text/xml*,


- In response to an issue reported by Emma and Michael, I fixed the

erroneous double filtering of POST data for encodings/charsets.

- Going down this road, I found a bug in the block-wise delivery in

AsyncHttpRequest->send_POST_data(). The former logic did not

distinguish between byte length and byte ranges properly (length !=

index). This left deliveries beyond the max. block size with broken

when it comes to encoding filtering.

- All changes have been tested for the three main application

scenarios: blocking HttpRequest, non-blocking AsyncHttpRequest, and


Enhanced the documentation of [set_encoding]

Turning on some debug and failure reporting which i previously had commented out

First step in turning ad_http* and util_http* charset- and encoding aware. I added a new helper proc [set_encoding] which handles charset resolution and mapping between IANA/MIME charset names and Tcl encoding names. Currently, this works for the reply-side in GET and POST requests.

Some fixing of the IANA/MIME charset and Tcl encoding handling for the xotcl-core HTTP client infrastructure

Avoid implict binary encoding by setting encoding flag explicitly; see