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Optimize refcount mgmt slightly

Add a piece of explanation on the post-mortem trace mgmt

Get scope right

UnsetTracedVars(): We need to make sure that traces newly created from within an unset trace are deactivated

Add some more documentation hints

Add and improve documentation

Add a piece of documentation to the UnsetTracedVars helper

Provide a minimalistic implementation, more in line with the existing environment

Revert "First attempt of an NsfDeleteVars"

This reverts commit c257b73ed943b9c42af0cc632babacfbf3f91ad3.

Revert "Got cleanup semantics right, all tests pass"

This reverts commit 3d48a6501372aa943f56031ab88e646568e18bcd.

Got cleanup semantics right, all tests pass

First attempt of an NsfDeleteVars

Substitute set for get, which is a tick faster

Adding another Rosetta example: Tree traversal

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Add to-do on variable slots

Harden nx::shell against inlined return statements

Added first additional Rosetta example

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Make src highlighter independent from Tcl version

Adding some minor todos

Keep valgrind settings for the future

ObjectCmdMethodDispatch(): Get refcounting on method-path lists right, fixing one actual (valgrind) and another potential Tcl_Obj leak

ParamDefsNames(): Fix another Tcl_Obj leak and optimize code slightly (Tcl_Obj is only allocated once the string-matching operation suceeded)

NsfForwardPrintError(): Fix another instance of the NsfMethodNamePath leak

NsfMethodName(): Avoid unnecessary append operation between lists, previously leaking the source list Tcl_Obj


ArgumentParse(): Addressing a series of Tcl_Obj leaks (valgrind)

- removing dead assignment

TopoSortSub(): Make intended true/false comparisons based on int explicit

TopoSort(): cleanup (pt. 3): re-factored TransitiveSubClasses() and DependentSubClasses() into one caller function of TopoSortSub()

TopoSort(): cleanup (pt. 2): renamed TopoSort() TopoSortSub() (to match TopoSortSuper)