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Revised Announcement

Run spell checkers and fix typos, unify writing style

Updated ChangeLog

MongoDB driver: - added explicit calls to mongoc_init() and mongoc_cleanup(). - configure via "--disable-automatic-init-and-cleanup"

- update Annouce dopcument

- improved man page

- apply package name change (nx::traits:XXX -> nx::trait::XXX) as well to the example scripts - document package name change in Announce file

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- white space change

- extended regression test suite with a case reproducing a recently fixed crash

- extending the README file requires a small adjustment on a test case, working on the README file

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- update README for mongodb interface to avoid potential problems on Mac OS X

- bump version number of nx::mongo to 2.1

- bump version number of nsfmongo to 2.1 - bump tea to 3.10

- define NsfObjDispatch as Tcl_ObjCmdProc

- more white space changes (remove tabs, reformat whole file)

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- white space change

Merge branch '2-1-0-rc' of ssh://alice.wu-wien.ac.at/usr/local/src/git-repo/nsf into 2-1-0-rc

- updated Announce for 2.1.0

MongoDB upgrade - Upgraded MongoDB and drivers to mongodb-c-driver 1.5.1, libbson 1.5.1 and MongoDB v3.4.0

- The upstream mongodb-c-driver has deprecated the old OP_QUERY syntax

with $-modifiers and old names like $orderby and $query, which will

be removed from the driver. The new interface is more in the mongodb

style, many former parameters (e.g. -limit, -skip, -project, -sort)

went to the new "-opts" argument.

mongo::collection::query /collection/ /filter/ ?-opts /opts/?

mongo::cursor::find /collection/ /filter/ ?-opts /opts/?

See the begin of nsf-mongo.test file for examples for queries

with the old and new interface. The high level interface

for nx::Object is unchanged.

- Support for new binary type "decimal128"

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* nx-shell.tcl, *sh.in: Rename nx::shell2 to nx::shell and remove old nx::shell implemenetation. * makefile.vc: Use new shell object in shell target.

* nx-callback.*, nx.tcl: Rename pkg "nx::traits::callback" to "nx::trait::callback".

* Update ChangeLog

* configure, aclocal.m4: Re-generated autotools artifacts to reflect changes in configure.ac.

* configure.ac: Fix bogus variable assignment.

Update announcenemt

Updated ChangeLog

- fix potential crash on deletes and recomputations of precedence orders in connection with multiple inheritance. One assumption in the precedence order computation is that the precedence orders of superclasses are computed before the precedence orders of the class itself. The check, when to perform this computation was to simple minded so fr, since it checked this requirement only on the current class, but not on superclasses.

- reduce implicit conversions

- add make target lldbtest

- use same ISOBJ for tcl 8.5 and tcl 8.6