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Having a working version, test for leaks

First attempt

Fix typo

Adjust shell tests for latest changes to stacktrace formatting

Adding yet another Rosetta example: Add object variable dynamically

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Improve output spec in Rosetta example

Adding another Rosetta example: Multiple distinct objects

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://alice.wu-wien.ac.at/usr/local/src/git-repo/nsf

- add thread IDs to debug lines

Make cmd-literal tests conditional on a (future) Tcl release: 8.6.7

Adding a second UnsetTracedVars test, this time for the per-object namespace case

Add missing test on UnsetTracedVars()

Update to-do

Add to-do

Nsf_CmdDefinitionRelease(): Fix documentation

nx::shell2: Provide complete errorinfo, not just top-level line

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://alice.wu-wien.ac.at/usr/local/src/git-repo/nsf

- Remove manually mixinRegObjs during cleanup to silence sanity checking for object refcounts.

- fix typo

- add pthread id to debug message

UnsetTracedVars(): Provide for a two-pass deletion logic during object shutdown, to account for unset traces possibly reviving an object variable under deletion. This corresponds to a recent memleak fix to Tcl itself (see http://core.tcl.tk/tcl/info/4dbdd9af144dbdd9af14).

Add a to-do on an assertion failure under 8.5

Substitute set for get, which is a tick faster

Adding another Rosetta example: Tree traversal

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Add to-do on variable slots

Harden nx::shell against inlined return statements

Added first additional Rosetta example

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Make src highlighter independent from Tcl version

Adding some minor todos

Keep valgrind settings for the future