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Bump version number to 2.4.0

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update tcl.4 file (get rid of macOS warnings about obsolete option "-prebind", likely to become an error in future macOS versions)

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* library/mongodb/*: Ran NSF MongoDB tests, against MongoDB 4.0.9 and Mongo-C driver 1.14.0 (both, latest stable); updated accordingly, and fixed gridfs tests that hadn't been corrected for renaming README to

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follow the Tcl, not the OpenACS numbering scheme

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updating mongodb interface for 2.2: - update to mongodb-c-driver 1.11.0 - reduce number of calls to deprecated driver functions as far as possible - improve cleanness of compilation (provde prototypes etc.) - bump version number to 2.2

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- bump version number of nsfmongo to 2.1 - bump tea to 3.10

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- allow specification of --enable-assertions on the parent nsf project

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- support building nsd from some other directory than the root directory - raise no error, when nsf is built with mongo + profile enabled

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- add NsfArgumentError() to stub interface, since this might be used by c packages using the interface generator - add mong::json to the interface - bump version number for mongo interface to 0.4.

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- stick closer to TEA conventions (keep tclconfig-sh in tclconfig directory) - remove obsolete version of install-sh, copy manifested version to mongodb library - fix more configure quoting

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- moving .m4 files to subdirectory as recommended

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- update generated configure files

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build-process: - replace make.tcl by the much simpler mkIndex.tcl: * Does not use pkg_mkIndex * Does not load binary files (problem for cross compiling) * Requires package provide with constant in one line.

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nx-monogo: - Updated the mongo-c-driver and libbson to the actual tip version from github (this is a significant change, since 10gen essentially changed the officially supported c-driver of MongoDB) - mongo-c-driver was more or less new-implementation, since strucure and names changed in the mongo-c-driver substantially, serveral functions were added, several were dropped. The new interface supports now e.g. mongo URIs, and should be faster (by using collection objects instead of connection handles) - Although the low-level nsf interface changed significantly, the high level (nx level) interface remained unaffected. - Configure has now --with-mongoc=... and --with-bson instead of --with-mongodb - New commands: mongo::collection::open /mongoConn/ /dbName/ /collectionName/ mongo::collection::close /collection/ mongo::gridfs::store_string /content/ /name/ /contentType/ - Make use of the new collection handle mongo::count /mongoConn/ /ns/ ... -> mongo::collection::count /collection/ ... mongo::index /mongoConn/ /ns/ ... -> mongo::collection::index /collection/ ... mongo::insert /mongoConn/ /ns/ ... -> mongo::collection::insert /collection/ ... mongo::query /mongoConn/ /ns/ ... -> mongo::collection::query /collection/ ... mongo::remove /mongoConn/ /ns/ ... -> mongo::collection::delete /collection/ ... mongo::update /mongoConn/ /ns/ ... -> mongo::collection::update /collection/ ... mongo::cursor::find /mongoConn/ /ns/ ... -> mongo::cursor::find /collection/ ... - nsf::mongo::connect receives now a mongoc_uri - The gridfs interface allows now to store multiple revisions of a file - The gridfs interface allows now upload files from a string - The gridfs interface allows to refer to files by other attributes than just the filename (e.g. the mongo id). - Modified/new gridfile functions mongo::gridfile::create ?-source file|string? /gridfs/ /value/ /name/ /contentType/ mongo::gridfile::delete /gridfs/ /query/ mongo::gridfile::open /gridfs/ /query/ - Updated README - Updated regression test - Added editor hints for a more uniform appearance

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nx-mongo: - updated documentation (switch back to mongo-c-driver, but comment usage of tagged version v0.8.1) - added support for rep types (allow for mappings between certain instance variables such as arrays or dicts to customizable representations in MongoDB) - added nx-serialize to test cases (simple state persistance for nx objects) - added nx-rep to test cases (rep types for "array" and "dict")

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- upgrade to mongo-c-driver to 0.8.1 - added new flag "-ttl" to mongo::index - there seems to be now a differen mongo-c-driver to be the preferred one, the old one is renamed to mongo-c-driver-legacy - link against nsf-stublib - bump version number to 0.2

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mongodb: - integrated configuration of mongodb into toplevel configfile option: --with-mongodb=MONGO_INCLUDE_DIR,MONGO_LIB_DIR - added regression test files for mongodb support (lowlevel (tcl-only) and highlevel (nx based oo support)) - integrated mongodb-testfiles with "make test" - reduced verbosity of nx-mongo.tcl (added verbosty variable)

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- remove (currently) onsolete pieces from configure

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- nx::mongo: Initial commit of the experimental mongoDB interface for nx

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