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added skeleton for proctoring support

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template::set_css_propert: generalize function

template::hide: new API function to hide certain CSS classes via javascript

improve readability

Added HashKeyPartitionedCache:

This is type of cache is like a "KeyPartitionedCache" but works as

well with strings as keys while the "KeyPartitionedCache" requires numeric


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mark "acs_lookup_magic_object" explicit as deprecated,

use "acs_magic_object" instead (which is per-thread cached)

fix output from tcltrace procs

added optional field for expected solution

add optional text descriptions to short_text fields

generalize modifier handling in "correct_when"

prefer "string map" over "regsub"

do not show count-down timer always

don't show results of "marked" right now

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add support to get revisions with instance variables

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Show number of active users in chat. Many thanks to Monika Andergassen

Added count-down timer for inclass-exam-answer.wf

- new API call Question_manager.exam_target_time

- new includelet "countdown-timer" (based on answer_manager.countdown_timer)

shorten date info in title, since it is redundant

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allow minimal number of selected alternatives of 1 (does not always make sense, but it is useful for text exercises)

whitespace cleanup

Improved display for print-answers:

- added link from exam protocol to single (more detailed) view

- display in exam protocol answer times up to the live-revision

(and not over all elements)

www-make-live-revision: add support for "local_return_url" (when "return_url" is not specified)

Improved display and interaction with print-answers:

- added explicit display of displayed revision and submitted revision

- added option to change live revision

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Improved display of print-answers:

- added information about current page of student

- improved display of submission state

- made message key capitalization more consistent

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Improved display of print-answers:

- provided API function "runtime_panel" for answer_manager

- added revision handling of submitted exams

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add duration, handle cases, where the exam was not submitted

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deal with overagressive downstream styles

autocorrection: support *lower* float for correct_when=in

Add support for Answer_manager.result_table to return either abjects in "done" state (as before) or all objects

VS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

return full result in reporting modes

avoid potential exceptions for empty submissions