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adding email notifications that are sent after notify date (reminders) and upon simulation start. Also adding the sweeper that starts simulations in addition to sending notifications

Changing most Returns to @return in proc docs

UI Tweaks

Use list-builder for DB request info

- Speed improvements on query (taking permission checking out)

- Making projection bar bigger

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Upped the version number.

Added deletion of branches and conditions if a survey/section has been removed.

Fixed the date display for predefined questions, got rid of an unnecessary DB call and fixed the selection of checkboxes.

Fixed insertion for predefined questions into the Database, if the database record was not already present.

Make xmlrpc::httppost error out instead of returning a useless -1 in case of error. Vinod-approved change.

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Removed unnecessary queries to tune performance.

Fixed a problem with new-request and an unset action_type.

Added answer description to the widget.

Wrote upgrade script for block questions.

file survey-upgrade-0.3d1-0.4.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-0.

Added answer description to block sections as has been written for AIESEC by Kolja Lehmann.

Applied Path 347

adding enrollment and invitation of users upon finish button. Using acs-mail-lite to send notificaitons

further work on the siminst wizard. Making sure the right tab is entered by default. Making the finish button only appear if all previous tabs are complete. Making the pretty state work.

Recursive workflows

- Generating spec/new_from_spec/cloning recursive workflows

- Automatically create initial action when new workflow is created

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Don't show assinged_name when there's a child workflow

don't validated on disabled enroll dates

Added TODO's to make simulation-delete real

changing instanatiation wizard to indicate for each tab separately whether it's finished or not

wizard::create needs to set wizard:columns variable for template:multirow proc to work

Removed aa_log statements

More incremental progress, shading portlets works, hiding and restoring as

admin works ...

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Fix typo from my forum post

add torbenb commit on acs-core-docs