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Add missing join

Checking that upgrade scripts modify parameters for the right package.

Modification to the oracle upgrade scripts for FS.

Import of message keys from translation server for core and .LRN packages.

This catalogs have no package version info. Check http://openacs.org/forums/message-view?message%5fid=1007666

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adding missing ">" and "<".

Fixed it so only the parameter from file storage package will be overwritten and not any other parameters with the same name

change error to complaint for invalid input

fix old-style widget specs, interfering with forms for files

use new style names for google sitemaps

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align with current xowiki

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provide a conditional test like "match" with regular expressions as well in checks of conditional policy clauses

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improve documentation

support conditional match check for policy rules.

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reduce verbosity, allow permission checks in conditional policy clauses ({somecondition attr permission} ...)

improving HTML compliance

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Don't fail on poorly formed mime message. If an error occurs and the

mime tokens are not cleaned up, all subsequent calls to mime procs

will end up with mismatched mime parts.

Always treat body handlers as list. Fix focus to use identifier. There

can only be one focus.

Don't use identifier, its not needed for focus since we only call it


Fix typo, llength spelled incorrectly.

strip all kinds of possible new lines of the default values in case there is a mixup between dos and unix file end conventions

Fix namespace for add_body_handler

Fix stupid typo!

Greek catalogs for dotlrn

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Cleaned up complex_send, broke it down into multiple parts, refactored repetitive things into foreach loops, made sure rollout support is handled in complex_smtp, thopugh I have no idea how to do the filters there.... This is in need of testing and should only act as a commit for the OCT to decide if this is going in the right direction.

Added procedure to resolve the party_ids if they contain groups

add css class visual-clear to ensure, float boxes don't overlap

Allow disabling revoking community membership for waiting list users.

add Ext 2.0 stable to ajaxhelper

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commit famfam icons to ajaxhelper

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Move focus handling to blank master. Use add_body_handler to set

it. Pass focus up to blank master.

Remove properties not used in default master.

Remove link multirow in default master, its not used.

Add skip_link property