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Simplify idioms, handle also the case where multiple results might come from the query, as the datamodel doesn't state it clearly and we also had a suspicious orderby

Skip test when tclwebtest is not available

Fix News automated tests:

- rename tests using underscore instead of '-' or links in UI would not work

- remove duplicated SQL

- fix awkward hardcoded dates that were supposed to be in the future for test to work

Put cache flushing logics into procs and use them when forum info needs to be updated (fixes automated tests)

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    • +19
Add documentation and a fallback body for this deprecated proc

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    • +11
revive xo::list_to_values as it is used by the forthcoming caldav package

Fix test on system having as IPv4 address in the config file

provide documentation of public procs and methods, make some procs private

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Improve documentation of public procs and methods.

some legacy cleanup

document public methods

whitespace changes

prettify reports

Make sure namespaced variable ::acs::db_pools is created before accessing it

This is needed when upgrading from openacs versions that didn't use this variable before

it seems, we can reactivate per-request caching for sitenodes, otherwise we see up to 37 locks per requests on get_node_id on openacs.org (regression test works fine)

bump version number to 5.10.0d5, otherwise the new package keys (such as acs-subsite.404_title) are not known an lead to errors

reduce verbosity

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Don't be so quick on deprecating a common interface

fix broken commit

Add TIMESTAMP to the list of feasible time database types in tests

Remove duplicated sql

Remove leftover acs_attribute without a database table counterpart (fixes regression test)

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Fix attribute::delete proc so it leverages stored procedure capability of dropping the database table as well (was broken before)

This is needed for a non-xotcl portable way of dropping acs_attributes

Fix acs_attribute datatype to match table type (fixes automated tests)

fix site-node test in regression test

don't use per-request caching, since we migh shoot in our own foot

interrupt cache_transaction to achieve desired semantics

allow in a few cases empty node_ids for method "get_url" as it is used by current OpenACS

add debugging aids

Unwrap indentation

fix bug #3352

Avoid missing variable error upon form validation

fix regression test for confusing setup with wildcard IPv4 address and host name "localhost", but localhost is resolved on the host as IPv6 address

Add user_tab_columns.BPCHAR to the list of possible boolean physical datatypes