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Unify person update api, exploit cache better and remove unneded queries

No need to check as now person::name won't fail

Fix expression

Remove leftover files

Parties api had procs defined in both acs-subsite and acs-tcl and sometimes duplicated

- move all party:: api into acs-tcl/tcl/community-core-procs

- remove duplicated definitions

- move leftover deprecated proc to deprecated-procs.tcl

set lang::system::get_locales to per-thead cache as indicated

Use finer grained api for user name

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Use finer grained api for person information and consider that new api won't fail when no person exists

Use finer grained api in different if branches

Use finer grained person:: api to retrieve the name

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Use new fine grained api for the screen name

fix typo

cache system locales in a per-thread cache

use per default 2 partitions for xowiki cache

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Remove hotfix and use new user api

Remove user hotfix and replace with new api (which won't fail for non-registered users)

Prefer on-spot api for user-only info

Prefer on-spot api as it is quicker

Remove changes not meant to be committed

Fix conflict leftovers

acs_user::get will not fail anymore with non-existing user

Prefer person-only api to generic user one as is quicker and now properly cached

Prefer on-spot api rather than full-blown acs_user::get

Prefer new, properly cached api

Use person api, which is properly cached and now won't fail anymore with non-existing users, but will just return an empty string

Prefer person api as is now properly cached

Prefer person api as it is now properly cached

Prefer person api, as it is now properly cached

Use new person api

Use new user api